Sunday, October 9, 2011


I came across this online game developed by McKinney...I highly recommend you girls to try really opens up your eyes on the issues of poverty + homelessness + unemployment...really experience what it takes to survive as a poor person...

Let me know your thoughts on the game...

Thursday, October 6, 2011

*~Exciting News~*

Guess what???

FINALLY!! I've been looking out for nude louboutin pumps for awhile now...they're always sold out and i thought these were a great deal at 44%!! condition is decent n_n and I find yoogi's closet more reputable than :P
anyway I was struggling between louboutins and the manolos...what do you think? I made the right choice?

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

*~Vintage Dooney & Bourke~*

Hey girls...more on my current bags obsession :P I just realized that vintage Dooney & Bourke bags really suit the fall trend - here are some great finds that I came across on etsy n_n mostly under $50!!

Monday, October 3, 2011

*~Aldo Sale~*

So I'm working at bay and bloor this week...quite dangerous for my wallet~~even after my super haul in HK, I just couldn't help it and bought a bag today!! I love matching with the season and this bag is cozy & classy at the same time and I just can't refuse a good bargain! I got it in the "snowy" colour but black is a nice pairing too but I just feel personally, the white one goes better with my style n_n I really highly recommend this buy if you're looking for a winter bag - I really like the boxy style of it and if you're a fan of zara bags, this definitely is reminiscent of that style as well! At this price (and right now Aldo has free shipping on any order online), it's better quality than bags you'll find at forever 21~~the long strap also also makes it more versatile n_n

Sunday, October 2, 2011

*~HK Haul~*

*sigh* so sad that I had my heart set on this ASUS laptop (just went on sale for $700 -> $150 off for relatively new model...) but it's completely sold out due to the sale...even at regular price, I was thinking about getting it because I desperately need a fully functional laptop :P anyway so I'll wait out a few weeks and see if it's available elsewhere (so far I only saw it at staples...)

Anyway...haul time!!
I saw this in HK for around CAD$15 - was tempted to get it but had too many options so I to let it go since it wasn't something I could use very often...but I thought I'd share it with you girls since I do like the romantic girly style very much~~

I really like this style of bags so I got quite a few (one for my sister) to come later when I get a new laptop LOL...but the bags were around CAD$15 to $20 which were super cheap for pretty decent quality...a lot of the smaller shops at local malls just pretty much copy the styles exactly out of japanese magazines (even had the picture for reference :P in case customers didn't know the style is trendy)...but it's much more affordable to get in on trends there definitely!

Cardigan Time! Guess which colour I got :P...
PINK!! I actually didn't see the white one for sale in HK or else I might've gotten that colour...
Surprising the price mark-up on this item isn't really that high (I got it for around CAD$20 in HK..but I saw several shops with different versions of this style)

*~Finally Back~*

I'm finally back from my vacation!! The place where I was staying in HK had super slow internet connection + my pink sony laptop is giving out on me after 3 yrs (any good laptop suggestions?) much to upload, but I need to get myself a new laptop before I can do that since my laptop crashes every time I try :( I can't believe how cheap stuff is in HK~~*sigh* my luggage went overweight a lil bit and there were so much more I wanted to buy!! AHH the I bought a lot of purses and shoes...but I fell in love with this Japanese brand one after another NICE CLAUP (they've it at SOGO)'s what I got n_n

I had such a hard time deciding which colour - I really love the polka dot trend but the red + blue combo just throws me off so i went with the tan~~it's the perfect shade for fall and goes well with my office outfits and i absolutely love the buckle (not over bearing like a lot of other bags). I got it for around HK$600 (around CAD$75) at SOGO and I'm super super happy with my purchase!!

2Wayボストン [949920900B] 販売価格:¥4,935(税込)

This is the second bag I got from Nice Claup just fills my polka dot craving :P I actually really like the shape of this because it's petite but actually can fit my essentials and I feel like it's a really unique design that I won't easily find anywhere else and pretty good deal for around HK$450 (CAD$60) and I like carrying it on my shoulder (not crossbody like the model) n_n guess which colour I went with?

ドットスクエアミニバッグ [949920410] 販売価格:¥4,725(税込)

blue and white of course!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

*~Hello Kitty x Swarvoski~*

x_x ah totally didn't mean to be so MIA the last few weeks but my grandma & cousin came to visit so just been super super busy~~ I dropped by eatons centre last last week and checked out the Hello Kitty x Swarovski collection. I was most impressed with the earrings but the necklaces only looked good on the model (unique but was not flattering on my neckline)... n_n!!

From the ones I saw in person, here are some of my top picks from the collection:

Hello Kitty Pink Bow Pierced Earrings - US$90
i absolutely love this - this is definitely hands down my FAVOURITE from the collection! overall, the collection was less pricey than i expected since it's swarovski + the ever popular hello kitty ~~ i love soft sparkly pink and i feel it goes with my cutesy style better than the red and the hearts are a very nice touch! this is a fantastic bday gift or for any special occasions n_n
Hello Kitty Red Bow Pierced Earrings - US$85
gotta love the classic look! for those can pull off red, this is definitely the one to go for! this to me is a more mature look than the pink ones with the tangled teardrop and i can see it as the perfect accessory with a LBD n_n just not for my personal style but it's definitely a recommended piece for those who can pull it off!

Hello Kitty Pink Bow Necklace - US$95
This looks absolutely stunning on the display BUT when I tried it on, I was quite disappointed with the way it sat on my neckline...because the two dangled hearts didn't sit right and kept getting tangled so I'm not sure how well it would work out wearing it through out the day but otherwise I did like the colour (gotta have my pink!!) very much and it's at a quite reasonable price for a necklace~~i would say still give it a try in stores and see if it works out for u!

**Misc Note -> I'm going to HK in less than 3 weeks!! I'm super excited and wanted to see if you gals have any recommendations (i.e. shopping, attractions, must-sees, must-dos, must-eats :P) please let me know!!**

thanks in advance gals n_n!