Sunday, June 19, 2011

*~My Love for Paul's Boutique~*

I love everything English n_n and Paul's Boutique is a brand that I've been loving for awhile now...but don't have anything from it yet~~since their bags are not readily available in Toronto...and it's quite trendy (a little too trendy for my everyday style now that I'm working...)~~luckily does carry the line (although the styles are a little past season) but still have a good selection n_n here are some of my top picks!

While this is very similar to a longchamp bag, i like it that it's got a lil bit more personality with the signature "I love PB" logo and the adorable charms~

Very nautical...and this trend is always in style and perfect for the summer season! The bag seems roomy which is perfect for a girl like me who carries a lot of stuff around~~plus I really like how structured the shape is :) goes with the stripes very well~~there is also a matching wallet available for USD$53.44~~

I've been eyeing this one for awhile now!! I love the preppy look and this is it~~plus with a twist of very adorable bright colours which I love. I'm seriously contemplating getting this but I'm trying to move into a more sophisticated style...but I'm just not ready to grow up yet!! Matching wallet available for USD$53.44 as well~~

Paul's Boutique 'I Love Paul's Boutique' Twister Bag - USD$113.78
This one has also been on my list but I realize...with my height at 5 feet tall...the bag looks pretty big but I would consider this one of the signature styles of the brand and you know how I love my big bags!!

This was seen on Paris Hilton (not that I'm a fan of her at all) but I do like diamond and bling patterns and most of all, the english flag pin that is so glammed up!! The price is the same as the regular pattern which is a great deal~~no price premium for limited edition n_n

All so tempting...I'm definitely struggling with putting myself on a spending FREEZE until September when I go to Hong Kong for 3 weeks!!

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  1. Yeeeeaaahhhh~ just wait for HK ;) omona I love the first stripy bag :3